The Solution

Our Prototype

When the EEG sensors detect brain activity above the threshold for attentiveness they signal the lenses to stay clear. As long as the wearer is engaged they are rewarded with unobstructed viewing.

When the EEG sensors detect a decline in brain activity correlated with attentiveness the lenses occlude for a short period to alert the wearer that they’ve mind wandered. They can now refocus and after repeated use they will strengthen the neural pathways involved in attention and be naturally aware when their mind drifts.

Repeated practice sustainably strengthens desirable neural pathways providing greater self control of attention and impulse and leads to improved classroom performance. Confidence also improves inspiring the student to work even harder.

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“We are on the cusp of tremendous breakthroughs in the capabilities of neurotechnology.”

– Zack Lynch, Executive Director | Neurotechnology Industry Organization

Key Benefits of ConfiBoost Eyewear

  • Less expensive than prolonged drug therapy
  • Capable of Improvements that are sustained
  • Safer (No Addiction/Abuse)
  • Effective across wider swath of target users

Tutoring/Special Education Interventions

  • ConfiBoost addresses underlying cognitive causes of poor performance
  • ConfiBoost is less costly than 1:1 personal interventions
  • Our results are more generalizable to other tasks

Compared to Other EEG/Neurosensing Devices

  • ConfiBoost is untethered from video games & results are more generalizable
  • Backed by scientific and credible evidence and partners
  • Provides direct real-context feedback to drive improved reading and listening skills

Brain Training Software

  • Increases generalizability through use during primary activity
  • Use with brain training software and other interventions to  augment gains

Safer, More Affordable, Providing Sustained Improvement

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